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Big Boot Stoodts, an undergraduate capstone team at the University of Utah, wanted to conduct a pre-alpha public playtest. The primary user researcher, S. Brian Zavala, assembled a playable alpha build for the purpose of being playtested. The report was written up on December 11, 2019. Each member of the team sent out the build to friends and family. The names of those who assisted in the playtest report are listed below.
  1. Aaron Anderson
  2. Sterling Beecroft
  3. Patrick Chou
  4. Michael Gardone
  5. Jason Jackson
  6. Debbie Landis
  7. Jessica Murdok
8. Michael Rapley
9. Tim Seitz
10. Aron Selimovic
11. Daniel Williamson
12. Kimmy Workman
13. Fukuan Zeng

• Recruitment •

A zipped folder that contained a text file with instructions, a graphic listing the controls, and a playable build were sent out to a plethora of random participants who had varying relationships with members of the Big Boot Stoodts team. A copy and paste message format was written by the primary researcher to assist in email recruitments. The primary investigator also recruited random students at the University of Utah. The strategy by the team was to get as many playtesters as possible using email and in-person requests. There was a total of 45 participants that completed the survey, and the majority of them were recruited at the university-sponsored event, EAE Playday (December 6th, 2019).









The location of the study cannot specifically be determined since the survey and build were distributed online via email. The devices used were the personal computers of those who participated in the playtest. The location of the study also occurred at the University of Utah Entertainment Arts and Engineering Master Game Studio on a six different desktop computer. The playtest period occurred between December 6th and December 11th.
Before the alpha playtest occurred, the user researcher followed a guide in which steps covered the following questions.
  1. What is the game pitch?
  2. What is the purpose of the playtest?
  3. If they are interested in participating?
  4. Are they willing to fill out a survey after finishing the playtest?
After the playtest occurred, the playtesters filled out a survey covering the following questions.
Click the icon above to view the questions asked. The survey link is mentioned in the document.


To ensure that the goal of the study was met, the user researcher and those who distributed the build followed specific steps necessary to conduct a successful survey playtest. The steps served as rules and were listed as followed.
  • If an investigator is sending out the build via email, make sure to copy and paste the format provided by the primary researcher. No other instructions are necessary.
  1. If in-person, follow the questionnaire guide informing the participant about the purpose of the study if they're willing to fill out a survey after participation.
  2. The investigator should attempt to refrain from teaching the player how to play the game and should avoid telling them about certain implemented mechanics.
  3. The investigator(s) should not submit surveys for participants (this step is intended to avoid bias in data).
  4. The investigator(s) should not participate in the study. It is intended for those unfamiliar with the game.


Click the icon above to download the playtest report and focus!

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