Harass: Arcade Edition is an arcade motif piece that simulates what women go through when dealing with sexual harassment on public transportation.
This game project was featured at both the University of Utah EAE: Launch Day Event (April 24, 2019) and the Gold Master: Alternative Game Dev Playtest and Demo Day (May 1, 2019).
Harass was released on Itch.io as a PC exclusive.



• WORK •

S. Brian Zavala performed the roles of producer and UI/UX designer.
  • Managed a team of 4 game enthusiasts to produce the arcade title.
  • Prioritized and assessed the scope of the game direction.
  • Applied agile principles and techniques to speed up development.
  • Organized, provided, and maintained team organization for weekly development sprints (Team Lead & Scrum Master).
  • Prepared stakeholder presentations for EAE administrators each month to provide status reports.
  • Created and developed pixel-perfect user interfaces to assist in overall game readability.
  • Identified, programmed, and resolved experience design issues that impeded player experience.
  • Designed and pushed animated pixel environments.
  • Created survey-based playtests for completion by the public.
  • Examined and reported game content for bugs through thinkalouds and personal playtests.


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