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Ballad of the Masked Bandits. 

Senior Capstone Project (14-person team).


Ballad of The Masked Bandits is a puzzle-packed stealth game where you play as three raccoons in a trench coat pulling off wacky wild west heists. The game is currently released on Steam (free-to-play), and was featured at The University of Utah EAE: Playday Event (December 6th, 2019) and The University of Utah EAE: Launchday Event (May 1st, 2020).





Roles: Games User Researcher, Producer, Project Coordinator, and QA Tester
  • Managed a team of 14 game enthusiasts to produce the puzzle-adventure title.
  • Prioritized and assessed scope of current game direction.
  • Applied agile principles and techniques to speed up development.
  • Organized, provided, and maintained team organization for weekly development sprints (Team Lead & Scrum Master).
  • Prepared stakeholder presentations for EAE administrators every two weeks to provide status reports.
  • Created digital content and marketing materials for the company.
  • Managed and ran multiple social media accounts.
  • Administered and created survey-based playtests for completion by the public.
  • Analyzed data and created playtest reports for members of the team.
  • Examined and reported bugs from current game content.
  • Wrote error reports to be sent to the development team for rectification. 


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